{#/pub/images/ConstructionResized.jpg}We understand the dynamics and special challenges of the construction industry. We have been working with contractors for years, offering them a variety of services, including:

Bonding advisory services – We work with clients to develop financial presentations designed to enhance the company’s image with surety companies, create internal reporting systems that are important to sureties, and work with the surety company to assure adequate credit on an ongoing basis.

Technology – Using technology can help construction companies control costs while increasing efficiencies, productivity, and cash flow. We conduct a technology assessment that will help capitalize on your IT investment with the goal of winning more jobs, staying on schedule, and maximizing the profitability of every project.

Cost accounting analysis – We work with you to develop tools to track direct costs on current projects, compare them to your budget, and determine ongoing profitability. This information is used to make adjustments during a project that are designed to protect your bottom line. 

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